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Your electorate is central to where democracy happens in Australia

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New and emerging Electorate Groups

Many electorates have a Voices group (or two) and there is one Active Democracy electorate group in the ACT. Other electorates have people interested in setting up a group but are still working this idea up.

Eight electorates have elected a community independent; Rebekha Sharkie (Centre Alliance, Mayo) and Andrew Wilkie and Dai Le (solo independents, Clark and Fowler) make up the complement of community/ minor party independents in the House of Representatives.

Active Democracy and Voices Electorate Group Difference in focus

The main difference between the Voices groups and Active Democracy is that our theory of change is for communities:

  • To work with their current MP to improve how they are represented where the MP engages
  • To choose and support a community independent candidate if that is considered necessary.

Connecting with or forming a group in your electorate

We can connect up people from the same electorate who have contacted us. We will either:

Arrange an online video discussion for people from your electorate, so that you can meet and share your initial ideas and reasons for getting involved. Toward the end of the discussion the group can decide how you all want to proceed.


With permission share your contact details with others from your electorate who have contacted us.

If there is no one else in your electorate, we add you to our mailing list for Updates and invitation to our regular online sessions where other people in electorates all over Australia meet to share ideas and experiences.

The Take Action Pages of this site tell you more about how you can start and run a group to achieve better representation in your electorate.

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