Active Democracy Australia

A toolkit for electorate level action

When democracy is working well, government responds to our collective voice, implementing policies that reflect our values and needs. Determining these policies through active community dialogue that is civil and respectful, informed by evidence, and hears all voices, not just the powerful and articulate.

If you think Australian democracy could work better, Our Democracy can help you to do something about it.

Our Democracy has been set up to help you, the voters in each of our Federal electorates, to act together to improve the way you are represented in the Australian parliament and government.

The Our Democracy website is designed to help you make this happen.

Find out how to get started here

BIG DEAL is a wake-up call about the frightening extent to which money has infiltrated politics.

A realistic vision for democracy

How electorate groups can strengthen representation.

What electorate groups can do

Ideas and tips about setting up your group and taking action.

What groups are doing

What action groups are doing in electorates across Australia.

1000 conversations

Our Democracy’s campaign to generate many conversations and get electorate groups going.

Active Democracy Australia respectfully acknowledges the First Peoples of this land and their Elders, past, present and future. Their sovereignty was never ceded.