Active Democracy Australia

A toolkit for electorate level action


Are you deeply frustrated by our politics?

Do you dislike the influence of big party donors, lobbyists and politicians’ mates. The failure to implement policies supported by public opinion and evidence. The coverups and pork-barrelling. The verbal abuse of opponents and disconnection from voters. The list could go on.

This kind of politics is most likely at odds with your deeply-held values – fairness, honesty and respect, action guided by facts, and the need for government to connect with and serve people.

You may be tempted to just turn away, but a well-functioning democracy is critical to our wellbeing. We need to get Australian democracy back on track, and this requires people like you to get involved.

If you think Australian democracy could work better, Active Democracy can help you to do something about it.

What you can do

See if there is an active electorate group in your locale.

Set up an electorate action group, through which, together, voters in your electorate can improve how you are represented.

Engage local people in kitchen table conversations (KTCs). In KTCs participants share their values and their views on what is and isn’t working in our politics, and what changes are needed. This can then lead on to other conversations about the practical things you can do to bring about change, and this website suggests many such things.

We encourage you to watch Craig Reucassel’s new documentary, Big Deal, which describes how money is corrupting our politics – and how it could be different! This will be screened on ABC TV in on 19 October. To find out more about the documentary and what we can do to help reduce the corrupting power of money in politics, visit Make it a Big Deal and #OurDemocracy.

‘Democracy is not a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event. If we don’t participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy.’ Michael Moore

A realistic vision for democracy

How electorate groups can strengthen representation.

Take Action

Ideas and tips about setting up your group and taking action.

What groups are doing

What action groups are doing in electorates across Australia.

Many conversations

Active Democracy aims to generate many conversations as part of getting groups going.

Active Democracy Australia respectfully acknowledges the First Peoples of this land and their Elders, past, present and future. Their sovereignty was never ceded.