Welcome to Your Electorate page. Active Democracy Australia (ADA) wishes you success in your joint efforts with others in this seat to improve representation and contribute to improving Australian democracy. ADA will help you in whatever ways we can, including linking you up with other voters in your electorate who have contacted us. Don’t hesitate to make contact.

We will also be reporting news, stories and ideas from groups across the nation in Updates on this site and in the ADA newsletter, so let us know from time to time what you’re up to and how you’re going.

Electorate action groups in this seat

Democracy for Dinner – Sharing the burden of democracy

Democracy for Dinner is a platform for exploring policy issues and improving democracy.

We do this in a number of ways:

1) convening informal conversations (often over dinner) on topics related to democracy, community and representation;

2) supporting and facilitating engagement in democratic processes (e.g. ‘meet the candidates’ events for local, state and federal elections); and

3) hosting larger formal events that provoke engagement and discussion of critical issues to our community and to democracy.

The topics we explore range from policy, social, economic and environmental issues, as well as alternative models for democracy including mechanisms for representation, voting and decision-making. We encourage balanced views and a non-partisan approach to ensure events are inclusive and informative.

Democracy for Dinner grew out of a small group of residents from Castlemaine in Victoria, Australia who are passionate about our democratic systems, and how they represent (or don’t represent) people and communities.

If you would like to know more, please check out our website at or contact: .

Your MP

Lisa Chesters (Labor) is your MP. To find out about Lisa:

  • This site tells you how your MP’s policy priorities align with the priorities of voters in the seat. From Menu, click on Meet the Perfect Candidate, then Let’s talk and then Compare my electorate. Then type in your electorate and follow the prompts.
  • Enter your MP’s name on this site and find out the parliamentary bills the MP voted for or against (or abstained on), and whether this conformed to their party vote.
  • This site also tells you how your MP voted, as well as biographical information, the MPs’ speeches, their parliamentary expenses and their declared interests (that is, their properties, investments and gifts). The best place to start is to click on the summary button.

Find out about other candidates for this seat when they nominate and campaign before the election.

Results from past elections in this electorate

These can be found here.

More information about this electorate

This Australian Electoral Commission Profile contains some basic information about the electorate, including a map, the local government areas it covers and a link to details of the current MP.

This Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Quickstats page for this seat provides a range of demographic information relating to gender, age, education levels, ethnic background, religious affiliation, employment levels, occupations, incomes, family composition, housing circumstances and more, in numbers and percentages. These are compared with figures for your state and the nation.

Good luck and please keep in touch!


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