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Taking action in your electorate

We recommend you join or form an electorate action group in your electorate. To help you do this we have created an electorate page for each of the 151 Lower House Federal electorates in Australia. Here’s some introductory information about these pages, and at the end is a link that can take you to your electorate page.

Is there a group in your electorate?

Most electorates don’t have an electorate action group yet. If that’s the case for your electorate, we encourage you to get together with others and form one. We can connect you up with other people who have expressed interest through our website (see more on this below).

If your electorates has a group, it may be currently focused on replacing the current MP with a community-endorsed independent. This follows the lead of voters in Indi and Warringah. Such MPs can strengthen our democracy, so we have listed any existing groups in the individual electorate pages, and you can find out more about them and join up if you choose to.

However, we are suggesting you consider a broader range of goals for your electorate action group.  If an existing group in your electorate is not what you’re looking for, it’s perfectly okay to form a new one. Several electorates already have more than one group.

Connecting you with others in your electorate interested in forming a group

We are offering to connect up people from the same electorate who contact us to say they would like to form a group or be involved in some way. There are two ways of doing this:

  • With your permission, we can share your contact details with others from your electorate who have contacted us.
  • We can arrange an online video discussion for people from your electorate who have contacted us, so that you can meet each other and share your initial ideas and reasons for getting involved. Toward the end of the discussion the group can select an interim contact person to contact everyone to arrange further discussions. Your contact details will not be shared until you collectively and individually agree to this, and we will just share them with the contact person.

Visit the page for your electorate and find out what’s happening there

If you know the name of your Federal electorate, find it under your state below to get to your electorate page.

Click on a state to view the electorates in that state:

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