How we can make Australian democracy work better and more fairly for everyone

Democracy needs to be protected and enhanced at all levels of our political system. At the national level, powerful interests are using their money and influence to get their way at the expense of the community, and many of these activities are hidden from public scrutiny.

Citizens have said in polls that they want to put a stop to this.  Craig Reucassel’s new documentary Big Deal addresses this issue in a lively and entertaining way. You can watch it on ABC iview. If you want to join others in seeking to bring about change, you can:

  • Go to to learn more about what needs to change. In particular, see their Framework for a Fair Democracy.
  • Talk about these issues with others in your electorate.
  • Take action in the ways recommended by Our Democracy.
  • Form or join an electorate action group to maximise your effectiveness on issues like these.

The unhealthy influence of big money on our democracy will simply continue unless we act to stop it.