Within the range of changes that you want your MP to advocate and vote for, you may want them to give particular attention to the state of Australia’s democracy and ways to improve it.

There will be many policy areas that constituents will feel strongly about and want change in, and these should be pursued. But among these we recommend including policy changes that would make our democracy work better, such as the creation of a Federal Integrity Commission and much better regulation of political donations.

If our democracy works better it becomes much easier to implement good policy across the board. And electorate action groups are a great forum through which to build up voter understanding of and support for reform in this complex area.

Learn more about the broad range of reforms to our democracy that could be implemented. One that will probably be of particular interest to electorate action groups concerns the practice by Australian parties of locking their MPs into supporting all party policy positions when voting, a practice much less common in certain other democracies. This practice could be challenged, but a coordinated campaign across electorate groups would give this a much better chance to succeed.