1000 Conversations

Our Democracy is encouraging Australians to arrange kitchen table conversations across the country, to promote broad community discussion about how we can make politics work better. Our goal is to generate at least 1000 conversations through this process, including conversations in every Federal lower house electorate.

We will then put together a report on what people have said in these conversations, a Citizens’ Report on Building a Better Democracy. This will be distributed to MPs, political parties, media outlets and other organisations and individuals, and made available on this website.

We also encourage kitchen table conversation participants to join an electorate action group if there is one in their electorate, or to get together with others and form one if there is not. In this way they will be able to continue their contribution to improving Australian democracy by working collectively to achieve the aspirations expressed in the kitchen table conversations.

If you would like to arrange or join a kitchen table conversation, form or join an action group in your electorate, make a suggestion or ask a question, please write to us at mail@ourdemocracy.org.au.